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‘The Female Buddy Comedy’ – Rebecca Blumhagen Deliberates The Girl’s Guide To Depravity, Season 2

Take the show Girls, fast-forward five years, incorporate a healthier, mature bank balance and a meandering road littered with complicated relationships, missed opportunities, misleading directions to love, the glint of a light at the end of an elusive tunnel, and you have The Girl’s Guide to Depravity; the post-hipster ‘female buddy comedy’ as coined by the show’s producer. Last season, the US TV show followed the lives of Sam (Rebecca Blumhagen) and Lizzie (Sally Golan) as they took on a philosophy on relationships that would protect them from getting hurt, but which would maximize satisfaction and pleasure. A flawed philosophy, we saw the women enduring hilarious situations and scenes and painful realties as they decisively followed the rules ‘to getting laid, without getting screwed,’ and as the season came to a close, the pair who’d seemed so close and connected at the start, began drifting apart.

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Dust to Stars | In Conversation With Brit/Canadian Talent, Karen David

Known most recently for her parts in US TV shows Castle and Touch and for her role in BBC drama Waterloo Road, Brit/Canadian talent Karen David now invites us to enjoy her reworked sound as a music artist. It’s been an incredibly busy year for the star; filming the new British indie film Amar, Akbar and Tony, working tirelessly on her new EP, Dust to Stars and even getting married in between! The EP launched on 23 August and was promoted with fervent enthusiasm from the star’s extensive twitter following, including tweets from One Direction‘s Liam Payne, and was celebrated with a special launch gig at St Pancras Old Church.

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