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Crosby Street Hotel, New York City

Birthday Getaways | Stylish Indulgence in NYC

In all my 29 years, I’d only really celebrated my birthday once. Birthdays have never been episodes of significance in my family and I can’t imagine this will change. But having vicariously indulged in others’ celebrations through the years, I had made up my mind, I would not allow my 30th birthday to transpire without an explosion of fun and indulgence. And so I embarked on my very first trip to New York City, for a birthday getaway of culture, fine dining and pampering.

Palihouse Bistro

L.A | Where to Stay, Where to Eat

“You’re going to L.A? Why? You’ll get bored!” remarked a friend on the east coast, before my very first visit to L.A, “you should visit New York instead.” And though I love New York, there’s something about Los Angeles that will have me coming back, again and again. Maybe it’s simply the all year round sunshine and pretty vistas, the anonymity in a city where everyone wants to be famous or its alchemy of carrying and understanding dreams. Whatever it is, L.A is far from boring.

Hotel in Santa Monica

The Traditional American Beach House Experience at Shutters on the Beach

‘Purple soap!’ Yes, it’s the little things in life that prompt such glittery exclamations. But this is no ordinary coloured soap, this is a Red Flower creation, a soap infused with luxurious French Lavender that feels like velvet. Even my guests exclaim at its awesomeness. And that is just the soap. Shutters on the Beach in its entirety, is no less indulgent.

Santa Monica Palisades Walk

Taking Santa Monica

Don’t be shellfish…This article was first published on the Huffington Post Image courtesy of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board The city of Santa Monica seems the perfect antidote to an animated week exploring Los Angeles. I’m quite ready to trade my walking shoes for flip-flops and wile away the hours languishing on a picturesque…

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