Pink vintage car in Camaguey, Cub

No words here, it’s all about Cuba in pictures – Featuring Havana, Camaguey and Jardines del Rey

Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Cuba but circumstances have meant I’ve not had the time or energy or mental capacity to do a lot of things, including posting on my blog, hence the delay in relaying any travel stories from the trip. I spent much of my time in Cuba being and feeling sick, so I fear my narrative will be jaundiced in parts by my somewhat lousy experience. So instead, I’ve posted some of my favourite pictures I took, in the hope that you’ll derive a sense of place from them.

The pictures were taken in idyllic Jardines del Rey, colourful Camaguey and incredible Havana.


Cuba, a photo story

Jardines del Rey, beach in Cuba 2015

Blue building, Camaguey, Cuba

A Camaguey art gallery, Cuba

Architecture, Camaguey, Cuba

Red building, Camaguey, Cuba

A cinema in Camaguey, Cuba

Children at a Camaguey Cinema, Cuba

Camaguey buildings and doors

Colonial architecture in Camaguey, Cuba

A street in Camaguey, Cuba

A market street in Camaguey, Cuba

Pink vintage car in Camaguey, Cub

Lagoon in Jardines del Rey, Cuba

Arts and crafts market in Havana, Cuba

Display of paintings in Havana, Cuba

Men at work, Havana, Cuba

Vintage cars in Havana, Cuba

Rickshaw in Havana, Cuba

A young man in Havana city, Cuba

Pastel painted building, Havana, Cuba

Havana residential flats, architecture, Cuba

Colonial architecture in Havana, Cuba 2015

All images by Akeela Bhattay

Thanks to Lily at for lending me her camera to use. It was thoroughly satisfying using a ‘proper’ camera again (still mourning the loss of my own).

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