Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay2

Macaroons and Organic Skincare | Melvita at Laduree

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay3

Last week, I paid a visit to my local Laduree at Covent Garden Piazza. Though I’ve been living in the area for over a year, I had yet to enjoy the decadence of French patisserie and hospitality. So, when the organic skin brand Melvita invited me to join their lovely team for an education on their new products over macorons and tea at Laduree, I must confess, I was delighted!

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay7

You may have already read my previous post, detailing the ethos behind Melvita, so you’ll be well aware that it is a French organic beauty brand, with nature at its heart. If you haven’t read that particular post, you can do so, here.

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay5

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay6

At the event, myself and other press were introduced to Melvita’s Algascience Contouring Cream and ProSun Self-tanning Moisturing Gel-Cream. The former contains complex algae; pink Coralline, red Palmaria and brown Fucus and claims to provide contouring, anti-cellulite, firming and draining actions around so-called problem areas. And according to 94% of volunteers, it really does work. The self-tanning gel-cream isn’t one that I’d use (I don’t do fake tan), but it sure did smell gorgeous – not unlike an orange grove in Summer.

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay1

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay4

The products I was especially interested in, were those in the Melvita Rose Nectar collection. I’m a huge fan of rose in beauty products – it makes a fantastic toner (and reminds me of home baking – specifically, gulab jaman). I got to try the moisturiser, which of course smelled amazing, but it also felt great on my skin; light, non-greasy (absorbed easily) and refreshing. This range may just find a place in my life.

Melvita at Laduree Covent Garden by Akeela Bhattay2

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  • I am a huge fan of roses too. Have you tried the Weleda Wild Rose range? Smells beautiful and the ingredients feel wonderful on the skin. x

    • Roses remind me so much of my grandmother – her garden was full of rose bushes and it smelled heavenly when they were in full bloom. They’ve all either died or been removed since she died.

      I haven’t tried the Weleda range, but have heard much about them. x

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